Good Candida Diet Advice For Women

With our rushed lifestyle today, many women fall back on processed foods and fast foods instead of cooking fresh. It’s no wonder that candida is often on a rampage, making their lives difficult. One of the best ways to get rid of candida is to avoid the following religiously until you no longer have candida. Here is some advice for a candida diet.

Give Up On Sugar Immediately

This means all forms of sugar so look at labels too. If you see fructose, maltose, sucrose, lactose or dextrose on a label, put the item back on the shelf, this is all sugar. You should also give up the ‘good’ sugar such as demerara sugar, molasses, honey, agarve as well. Also say goodbye to artificial sweeteners of any kind. No more chocolate, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, etc. You also have to give up any form of fruit, including fruit juice and fresh fruit. Dried fruit also has to go (so also no muesli) or power bars. The good news is you can still have lemon juice (has to be freshly squeezed – so no additives) in your salad dressings but also in herbal teas and water.

Yeast Is Next On The List

Yeast, like sugar seems to have crept into so many foods, even ones you wouldn’t think of. So while, rolls, bread, pizza, pita and naan bread are obvious, check out for yeast on every food item you are considering buying. Yeast is also naturally in ‘healthy’ breads like sourdough or even sprouted grains as due to fermentation, they produce it naturally. There is even yeast in some vitamin tables as well as monosodium glutamate and citric acid. If the label says yeast free, still check it out (as with the sourdough example).

All refined grains are taboo as well, so all white flours, white rice, pasta, cornstarch, custard powder. Also all cereals are to be avoided unless they are whole grain but even then they probably have sugar so just stay away from them for the time being.

Anything fermented is not your friend. So say goodbye to vinegar and all products that contain vinegar. While dill pickles obviously have vinegar, so does mayonnaise, salad creams, ketchup, even baked beans. Also soy sauce is fermented as is sourdough bread and stay away from all alcohol as it is all fermented and contains sugar. This includes beer, wine, spirits but also cider and even ginger beer.

Malted products are also on the ‘to go’ list. Check out cereals (Weetabix, for example is a culprit), most crispbreads but also malted drinks such as ovaltine or Horlicks.

Cows milk and products containing cows milk which of course include most cheese as well.


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Stay away from hot spices of any kind so no Indian, Thai or spicy food. No mushrooms (including truffles) and no salt or ground pepper. No tea or coffee, not even decaf. You can have nuts but only if they are freshly cracked. Absolutely no peanuts and therefore no peanut butter or other nut butters either.

It’s a long list but remember it’s only until your candida clears up, and it will do so much quicker when you do not give your body the above ‘foods and drinks’.

Good Candida Diet Advice For Women

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