Platelet rich plasma course in New York

Facial Map - NY CourseAnyone who wishes to maintain their spot at the cutting edge of medical technology needs to getting training on platelet rich plasma therapy, an outstanding way to be able to offer your patients something truly impressive. As one of the most innovative areas of medicine at this current time, this is a brilliant way for you to stand out from all of the other dentists who are attempting to diversify, and as platelet rich plasma uses so many of the same techniques that dentistry already does, the amount of new information that you will need to learn is minimal. So what exactly is platelet rich plasma therapy, and how can it help you and your patients?

Put simply, platelet rich plasma therapy is a way of enriching the patient’s blood in one particular area of their body in order to stimulate healthy natural growth and regeneration. This is achieved by drawing blood from the patient, enriching that blood with extra platelets, and then re-injecting the enriched blood back into the same patient in the specific area that they want regeneration. By using the exact same blood you avoid graft-host rejection, and you will choose the site of the injection depending on what the patient needs. In some cases, the patient will want platelet rich plasma therapy in order to encourage natural collagen growth in their face for a smoother look; others will want the injection near injuries that they want to heal quicker.
Dr Howard Katz teaches platelet rich plasma therapy as part of his Dentox training program which only takes one day, and has been purposefully designed to be given to dentists, building on the knowledge and skills that they already have. The Botox & PRP course is coming to New York, so if that is where you are based then now is the time to sign up so you can start offering platelet rich plasma therapy to your patients.

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